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Customer journey is the process that explains details of customers' experiences about connection with businesses. It helps you to gather information about customers' interaction ways with any company. For the first touch point, they don't buy anything from a website and will research items. Usually, they check products, brand, and website several times before deciding on an action. But customer journey answer to which kind of your business needs? It is equivalent to solutions to find holes in your business that prevent making loyal customers.

Although customers are passive, you should try to keep your business active and be your best. The customer journey does not begin when people visit a site or enter a store. It starts when they think they have a need. A Variety makes a moment that your company can control it, others cannot. You passed part of your way with SEO service, and now you can turn your customer into a loyal customer by choosing a suitable customer journey.

Example of the customer journey

A young man is surfing the web for a pair of shoes, and your website catches his eyes. He has never heard of your brand, but his attention is immediately captured by how neat everything looks. When the customer chooses the perfect shoes, he quickly checks out and logs in with a new customer account because he liked the experience.

He saves your web for the future, and This is when you collect his email address for marketing goals. It would be best to ask him to fill out an online survey he's received his first order. He is so happy with his first purchase that he shares pictures with his friends on Instagram and mentions your website and how easy to use your website was.

In this example, there are many parts that your efforts paid off. From the moment the customer noticed the layout; to the ease of checking out.

Customer journey map

it tries to explain the story of customers' connection with your business. It helps companies take a walk in customers' shoes and check their business from customers' points of view.In the first step, all predictable touch points will be written, for example, a website, social media, and interactions with marketing and sales teams.

Then you specify a line for customer journey to determine its' destination. Customer journey map must involve Customers' experience.

Customer journey

So you could trace the customer journey map and lead customers to the best way based on it. In general, many businesses use the AIDA model to determine their customer journey map, which includes the following four crucial steps:

Customer journey
  • Awareness

    it is the first level of the customer journey that the user will be acquainted with your brand and know your products and services. You can use SEO or SEM at this level to attract many clues and absorb users to your website for more information.

  • Interest

    After that, customers have enough information about your business, products, and services, customers want to search for their needs, and you have to make them interested in your products. Having suitable and attractive content helps us attract users' feelings and interests to lead them to the following levels.

  • Decision

    At this level, users decide to buy good products that they need and turn to your loyal customer.

  • Action

    At this level, users turn to customers and finalize their purchases. It would be best to use a good CTA (call to action) to have more customers and increase your sales. In the last part, called satisfaction, it's essential to have customers satisfied with your services and make them loyal customers.

  • Benefits

    Customer journey helps you see different customer interaction points with your business and how they use the various channels and touch points. It helps you concentrate on customers' needs in different stages of sales. It gives you an outside view of your sales process and highlights development preferences. It also lets you focus on your Strengths and points that were helpful for you.

Vegarise team finds weak points in your customer journey map & fixes them. With our customer journey solutions, you will get the best results in the end. Contact us for more information!

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