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What is Odoo?

All companies need a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and open-source business app to comprehensively manage their businesses and help users need a full and open source ERP. Odoo ERP software enables them to reach their goals, and it's useful for various companies. It allows users to access many features by using developer mode. One of the crucial features of this app is that it is accessible for more than 32 languages and has more than 2 million active users. Odoo is a customizable, secure, strong community software and easy to integrate. It gathers all applications that are related to a business and manages them. Odoo runs everything like CRM, reporting, accounting, sending invoices, inventory, sales, Etc. Also, users can use Odoo for free.

Benefits of Odoo

  • Low cost of implementation

    Odoo has a low cost of implementation; its enterprise version does have licensing fees that most companies and businesses can use to organize their works.

  • Customizable

    one of the crucial features of Odoo is customizability. It can modify Odoo to fit your needs. Your implementation of Odoo will be more successful if you fit ERP software with your needs, and it's better than changing your business practices. In other words, it's the best definition of tailored software.

  • Easy to integrate

    Odoo has comprehensive APIs(XML-RPC API) that are easy to integrate with, so if you are using beneficial software, you can combine it with the new ERP system.

  • Highly secured

    Another crucial benefit of Odoo is that it has a high degree of security, and developers can find problems in the source and fix them before using them.

  • Multiple options

    Odoo gives both options (which only allow on-premise hosting or cloud-hosting) to companies choosing what is suitable for their business. The community version is helpful for smaller companies; also enterprise version is cost-effective and has all the features that are fit for your business.

Deployments and supports

Deployments are Cloud, Saas, web-based, Desktop-Mac/windows, On-Premise-windows/Linux, mobile-android/ iPhone, or iPad. Support: E-mail/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat.

Some features of Odoo

Accounts receivable, Aging tracing, Alerts/notifications, Applicant tracking, Approval process Control, Backorder Management, Bank Reconciliation, Benefits management Billing, and invoicing are some features of Odoo that help businesses to have development and absorb customers.

What are the benefits of this integration?

Data automatic transferring between two systems, updating orders and storehouses' stocks in CRM software and comparing two products in different systems, transferring data related to registered invoices in the design along with soled products to the ERP system. It is done automatically or based on predefined processes in this system.

If you have more questions about Odoo, the Vegarise team is ready to help you.

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