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Web push notifications are messages from websites or applications that you receive in your browser on your smart phones or personal computers. Its new marketing channel is gaining in popularity. They notify the user about recent sales, important updates, or exciting news and…. You can see them in all popular brows on different websites, even your smart phones, and easily communicate with your customers or subscribers and transfer your goal to them with effective language.

Web push notifications have some positive points

you can choose the look of the subscription requests and the time you want to send them and create automatic notifications based on RSS feeds. You can also segment your subscribers by their location or other details.

There is another way to use web push notifications for your customers, and it is ((Using A/B testing)) to see which one strikes a chord with your audience.

For sending a web push notification, we can use Firebase cloud messaging (firebase.google.com)

FCM is a cross-platform messaging solution that lets you reliably send messages at no cost. You can send notification messages to drive user re-engagement and retention. For use cases such as instant messaging, a message can transfer a payload of up to 4KB to a client app.

Web push notifications have some kind

  • welcome massages

  • promotions

  • breaking news

  • abandoned carts

  • new post

  • re-engagement

There are many subjects to use in this context, and it depends on your customers or subscribers types in your company.

We can use web push notifications in different marketing, introduce our job in digest parts, or advertise other websites. We can replace this way instead of email marketing.

For example, most of the emails that companies were sent to customers never will be opened by them even they could be deleted.

But in this way, you show a digest part of everything you want your audience to watch.

Web push notification

solutions to use web push notifications

  • appear similar to native to be unforgettable.

  • use from vice versa sentences to make your subject interesting in the customer's view.

  • learn what web push notifications can do for your business's website.

  • try push notifications on your website for free. No credit card is required.

If you have a problem with the implementation, we can help you enable web push notification for your businesses’ website in the Vegarise team as easily as ABC; click www.vegarise.com.

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