What is the landing page?

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The competition in the market has increased incredibly. And when you are in the world of digitalization, some techniques should not be avoided. One such technique is the landing page that can bring new opportunities to your business.

But, what is the landing page?

It is a standalone webpage that is specifically created for different types of advertising and marketing campaigns. It is also said that it is somewhere where a visitor lands when they click on any of the links mentioned in an email or on different websites like Google, Bing, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

The landing pages are entirely different from other web pages, where there are many exploration options for the visitor. Its designing is something to put forward a single goal of the marketer towards their interested customers that are also known as Call To Action (CTA). It has resulted in increasing the marketing campaign’s conversion rate and also lowers the cost of generating potential leads.

Wait; is it not possible that any page can be a landing page?

Technically, not all pages are made equally and hence there is a huge difference between a landing page and any other page. At Vegarise, you get the campaign-specific webpage that will contain no website navigation but only a single call to action content. With our super-focused designing of the landing pages no doubt you can show the users the content which they are interested in and at the same time allowing your business to increase conversion with fewer links. Our experts choose to provide fewer tantalizing clickable that will keep the visitors concentrated on the call to action.

Landing pages types

As per the specifics of any business, there are many variations in the landing pages types but as defined by their goals there are two major types:

  • Lead generation landing pages

    Such types of landing pages use a form as their call to action. In the form, the lead data is collected like their names, email addresses, and more. B2B marketers are seen to have more use of such landing pages so that they can get a list of prospective customers. The Ecommerce brand and companies that sell high-ticket items also choose to have these landing pages to give special offers, free shipping, and other options to their customers.

  • Click-through landing pages

    The SAAS and the e-commerce marketers have recently added click-through landing pages for their customers to reach directly to the sales or subscription. In such pages, the call to action is simply a button that takes the customers to the checkout flow or helps them to complete their transaction.

How can you drive traffic to your landing pages?

For your landing pages to work you need good traffic and for that, different options can be utilized. What are those common sources?

  • Email campaigns

    Because of its enormous reach, email is considered the best source to gain traffic as compared to other platforms. And why not we should combine this powerful channel with landing pages to not only nurture existing relationships but also acquire new customers. First, you need to build a contact list and then send a well-crafted email to them so that the readers get enticed with your offers and the landing page directs them to a call to action.

  • Organic search traffic

    Your website can get traffic from an organic search through SERPs such as Google or Bing search results. This can be done quite easily with the help of creating content that is compelling and useful for the visitors of your website and landing pages. You should make sure that your business should have a frequent appearance in the related searches. The higher your business has a good rank on the search engines the better you can get traffic to your landing pages.

How Vegarise can help you to have the best landing pages?

Your landing pages should communicate with the visitors to make them understand why buying products and services is unique from your website. And that is what we focus on and give appropriate designing of the landing pages to our clients.

As every client has his/her respective requirements we make sure we fulfill them to the fullest. We include a headline, a supporting headline, and a closing statement along with some appealing images that give a good impression on the visitors. We also try to include direct quotes of your loyal customers and review scores that put a great influence on the people while making their decision to have a deal with your company.

You don’t need to worry much as we have got your back. Now the destination of your traffic will be a dedicated landing page with the help of our trained and skilled professionals. All you need is to contact us and get ready to see wonders for your business.

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