eCommerce trends in the B2C (Beauty, delivery,insurance,financial) Industry

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In 2020 there was a rapid growth in the eCommerce industries and as per the current statistics; there is no sign of slowing down this growth in the upcoming years. This overwhelming progress has put a great impact on the B2C beauty, delivery, insurance, and financial industries.

These Industries have experienced some of the most exciting but also unnerving changes which have contributed to their expansion. Many new trends have been introduced because of the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge a need for digitalization of the market with everything being online and digitalized due to the lockdown and closing of the physical shops.

With building strategies and analyzing the market I suggest to my fellow B2C commercials that for driving their business forward in the year 2021, they need to be updated with the new trends to remain competitive and strong in the market.

So what are your plans as a B2C industry to serve your customers in the year 2021? If you are still not prepared, I will like to introduce you to three of the most successful ideas which will be quite productive and successful for your business:

Providing product

1. Providing product visualization and initiate interaction

It is not enough for a business to increase sales if there is not a proper visualization of a product. Sometimes a customer hesitates to buy a product if he/she is not sure that it will be as displayed on the website. Is it sufficient to add high-quality images, product reviews, and descriptions of the products and services on your website? Not really, as the customers are always willing to have a good visualization of the products before they initiate a purchase.

No doubt, the images are the topmost priority for any customer to choose a product. Therefore, in B2C industries the trend of 3D images, virtual reality, and augmented reality are receiving a good response and popularity. Such strategies are proved successful in strengthening the trust and supporting the overall journey of the customers.

When you have the right visualization of the product, it helps in boosting your sales and decreasing the return rate of the products. It provides the customer with a new and innovative experience in exploring the products online as:

  • They can easily get the visualization of all the interior parts.

  • Get the customization of the components.

  • Can animate various moving parts

  • Get various options for switching the colors and materials of the products and

  • Get every minute detail to finally decide to buy something from your website.

All these features give the customers a realistic touch of the products which they are willing to buy. With the advancement in technologies, visualization is empowered on mobile devices as well for the convenience of the customers.

personalized pricing

2. The concept of personalized pricing

Personalized pricing is a very old concept that has a significant place in a B2C environment. You must be familiar just like me that whenever you visit a physical store the retailer manages to offer and convince the customer that the price of the particular product is only for “you.” However, it is only a personalized pricing tactic that is decided after understanding certain factors such as the way of speaking or the requirements of the customers.

And the same tactic is now used on the digital platform by analyzing the digital footprints of a customer on the website. Personalized pricing is offered to the customers based on this data. Personalized B2C e-commerce pricing is on a great rise, and the results are also quite impressive. The businesses can now provide a much satisfying experience than before and also witness growth in their sales and revenue as well.

According to the reviews of my clients from the year 2020, they believe that it was one of the hottest trends for their business to become successful. With proper price management and analysis of the customer data based on their behavior and other activities, personalized pricing helped in gaining the loyalty of the customers and making a great profit from the sales.

safe payment

3. Simple and safe payment modes

Some of the features are like the backbone for a B2C eCommerce industry. Payment modes are one of those features that provide the customers with the most amazing and frictionless checkout experience while conducting their purchase.

To complete an order, the process of payment is a crucial step. The shopping cart abandonment rate is a big deal for the e-commerce industry. It is said that about 70% of buyers end up not buying the product due to the different barriers in the checkout process. To have an intuitive process you need to understand that it is essential to have a good payment gateway that allows you to have a higher sales rate.

A quick and easy checkout is only possible when there is the availability of the most convenient payment method of the customers on the eCommerce website. The functionalities of the companies have completely changed after the COVID-19 outbreak. This trend should be followed by the B2C industries to convince the customers to complete their orders without much effort.

proactive approach

A proactive approach is required for B2C industry to win customer engagement

The beauty, delivery, insurance, and finance industries need to be more agile and develop strategies to continue their operations seamlessly in the present crises. They need to hire someone who can help them in planning out an approach to increase customer engagement. In the end, marketing the products and services to the customers is what wraps up the success for every business. With my well-planned strategies, I have completely changed the perspective of my customers on how making their products visible in the market are easier than they have thought.

The future of B2C eCommerce industries is quite unpredictable, and you need to be all set with the latest trends, tools and technology to face any challenge in the coming years. Let me help you with the best customized and interactive eCommerce services that will make managing your business much easier than your competitors.

With a proactive marketing approach, there will be no difficulty for B2C industries to sail through the year 2021 in the ocean of success with great customer engagement and satisfaction.

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