Gold Package

This package has produced for companies that want to manage their business professionally. VegaCRM is a powerful and united nucleus for managing business, will be active for you with designed website and besides customer relationship management, it also supportssite content management. For example you can produce new posts for your blogs and publish it on your website, manage users'messages and answer them. Also VegaCRM allows you to have online chat with users and it can manage tickets that created in support section, and assign as a task to your technical support.

Vega mail is an advance Email marketing platform that you can send your advertising campaigns to your audience with different planning in a completely graphical environment.

Package features

Attractive design

websites need some points to maintain their existence on the web world, having effective appearance on the website with great design could help you to reach your goals as soon as you expected.

Shorter load time

nobody likes a snail-paced website, so for making user stay, your website’s load time should be as fast as possible!The ideal website load time for mobile sites is 1-2 seconds.With the help of VegaTeam, you will have the expeditious website at the end.


A site that is responsive automatically adjusts for visitors’ device, providing the best user experience regardless of the system being used.

Newsletter and blog

these partsof your website will be perfect with attractive design, and newsletters will be sent as emails.

Best SEO services

By using SEO management you will have phenomenal increase in lead to customer rate. As your website traffic goes up, lead to customer rate will go up either.

Two Month free support

VegaTeam has special support for your issues until two months for free.

Multilingual languages

translating your business websites to several languages based on your contents and customers. Our team will help your site to have these points on your website and develop your new business.

Integrated CRM

integrating CRM tools with other system to help CRM work better

Marketing platform

using different platform to develop your business in the best way Our team will help your site to have these points on your website and develop your new business.

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